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Why Us?

Welcome to E-circuit, where sustainability meets lawn care. We are an eco-conscious company using electric machinery to create stunning outdoor spaces. Indulge in our wide range of services from beautiful yards to snowy plains. By choosing us, you support a greener and more sustainable future. Embrace the power of electricity and the future of lawn care with E-Circuit Services.

Our Partners

Our electric equipment is carefully selected for its outstanding performance, and we exclusively rely on trusted brands such as EGO and GREENWORKS COMMERCIAL. Contrary to common misconceptions, electric mowers, trimmers, and blowers provide exceptional power and precision, rivaling their gas-powered counterparts. With our cutting-edge tools from EGO and GREENWORKS COMMERCIAL, we can achieve immaculate results, leaving your lawn looking lush, well-manicured, and healthy.

EGO Power Plus
Green Works Commercial

A Greener Future

Environmental Sustainability:

Electric equipment produces zero direct emissions and utilizes 100% Clean Energy, helping to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing air pollution from gas equipment entirely. By opting for electric landscaping equipment, we are making a conscious decision about our environment. We believe this is the next step towards a sustainable future.

Noise Reduction:

Electric equipment operates quietly compared to gas-powered counterparts. This ensures a peaceful outdoor environment for both our clients and their neighbors, minimizing noise pollution.

No Smell:

No emissions, means no smell. No more harmful gasoline fumes or particles in the air. Increasing the air quality in your neighborhood.

Exceptional Performance:

Our landscape equipment can perform at the same standards of regular gas equipment if not better. In fact our zero-turn mower can travel at speed up to 4 mph faster than our comparable gas mowers. It also outputs 16 more horsepower than the competitors gas mower. Also equipped with a 3 in 1 blade controller at 19000 FPM blade tip speed, this also beats our gas competitor sitting at 18500 FPM blade tip speed. With 16 acres of mowing coverage in a single charge, there is no job too small for our electric equipment!

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